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A pre-FFC album released in 2006. For the collectors!

Here's what people thought back then:

www.organart.com May 2006:


CARTRIDGE – Cases (Cartridge Music) - One of the most intriguingly interesting of new London based bands out there right now (and as we keep on pointing out, we are in a golden age if you're prepared to go mine it for yourself rather than waiting for the establishment media to tell you where it is). A self released debut album and a fine collection of avant-pop treats that don't obviously fit anywhere (good). Easy breezy glowing Pan European jazz pop (with post-rock flavourings) a sound that swings from deliciously flowing, glowing, simple, almost lounge-lizard tinged, clever easy-listening, right over to hard edged new-wave progressive pronk rock. A fine sound that bends like Primus dancing with Bjork and gets all left-field art rock as it drags you in. Oh yes, tango away as you do your laundry lullaby. Sunny day Beach Boys all gone off-hinge... And now the tango has switched to the Charleston. If it is art-rock then it's Art Nouveau (and there aren't many in that swimming pool). There's all these warm, slightly discordant piano bits and Cartridge are just so so unlike anything else and we're squinting like a coward in a line (or a lion) and she sings so well and so does he. They all flow so so well (however musically awkward they're being). Even when Cartridge are getting really hard-boiled and complex they're still so so easy to listen to (and enjoy). Right now (as I write) it's just a delicate voice and a quiet piano that explodes with graceful sea nymph splendour that can't be put in any box. Ah yes, and such fine detail as well, a unique and recommended album. This is why we do this Organ thing.

www.roughtrade.com April 2006:


This 9 tracker from pan-european group cartridge is great fun. Mixing up a heap of styles (all played with remarkable assurance and chops), there's elements of jerky, spiky u.s. new wave, mars volta's complex chord blasts, bearsuit / melt banana frantic pop, lush harmonies, avant-rock stylings and hummable tunes. Schizophrenic yes, but rewarding, energetic stuff.